Is Google Analytics Essential For A Blogger ?

Google Analytics is the most popular website analyzer. Analytics helps you to find out almost everything about your blog and its visitors. We can know everything about our visitors from where they come to how much time they use your site. This is all possible now because of these immense and free facilities provided by Google. If you go on talking about the features of Google Analytics, then we had better stop here as the features are infinite. Analytics is helpful bothe Blogger and Wordpress users. But, I think it is more helpful to those Wordpress users. I will share the reason below. but my question is, Is Google Analytics important for every blogger? Can a Blogger succeed without using Google Analytics ? If you know the answer to these two question, comment below before reading the remaining portion of this blog post . Now, Let me tell you the answers from my side. After that, Lets compare. Probably, It might be the same. Because, the answer for the first question is Yes and the answer for the second question is No. So, the remaining part of this post is about justifying these answers. From my side, No Blogger can succeed without using Googl Analytics because of the features it provides. And Google analytics is important for every blogger because of its features. So, the answer of these two question are related to the features of this service. So, before justifying the two answers, lets talk a bit about the features of this service. Not all features, but some handy features.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics was one of the most ignored services of Google by me. I never thought that it was so astonishing and that it could find things which other services couldn't. I used many services like the Webmaster Tools, Adsense and many other, but i never came to a conclusion that Google analytics is the best service provided by Google. Yeah! I finally agreed to it. There was no other way. Google analytics can help us to track our visitors and optimize our site for them. It helps us to find more about our visitors. I really regret the first two months of my blogging career. That was the time when I didn't use Google Analytics for sorting out the actions and instincts of my visitors. I used Blogger Traffic Stats to find out my traffic and from where they came from. It was only when i came into the magical world of Analytics, i understood that i missed something really important. I came to a situation where I felt being cheated by Blogger in terms of Traffic. Google Analytics helped me find out my real traffic stats. Well, now let me tell you all the features of this wondorous piece of free tool of Google.

How It Tracks Our Visitors

Now, the question is, How it tracks our visitors? You know one thing? Its a tool by Google, one of the largest internet empire where everything is posible. Now, lets see the logic part.  After accessing Google Analytics, they give us some code which we should paste in our website coding. After that , all is magically done. They track our visitors and reports it in the Analytics software. Maybe it is easier than throwing a stone, but you should know how to throw it. Okay! Now lets talk about its features provided by Google Analytics.

Real Time Statistics

Do you know what it means? You can know what is happening on your site like a live TV Show. Google analytics shows us the number of active visitors on our site at the moment and we can also get to know what they are doing. Real Time Statistics is the best feature of Google Analytics that i have found till now, even though i have only six or seven active visitors most of the time. A high number of active visitors means , you are getting a lot of traffic. Yeah ! Its all for free. Thats why i told that Google is really generous sometimes. We can also find out the location of the active visitors on our site.

Traffic Sources

This is the next great feature of Google Analytics. Its mainly useful for users blogging on Wordpress and other Content Management software's without Traffic stats . Maybe, thats an advantage of Blogger, even though they are not that much accurate. Traffic Sources help us to find out the division of traffic coming to our site. Its divides our traffic into Search Traffic, Referral Traffic and Direct Traffic. Search Traffic means traffic coming directly from the search engines. This traffic is really helpful for our site. In ordr to get more Search Traffic, your site should be properly optimized for the search engines. that doesn't mean you need not optimize it for the readers. You should do both.

Is It Important For A Blogger ?

Yes, Of Course. What else can the answer be. Can you maintain your blog without knowing more about your blog and its visitors. The most probable answer to this question should be YES. Can any worpress users check their daily traffic statistics without the help of Google Analytics ? Answer it in the comments. Again the most probable answer is No. How can a wordpress user check their traffic stats without Google? They can't. So, for every Wordpress users it is essential to implement Analytics tracking on their website. And for blogger users, Do you think the traffic stats of Blogger are accurate. If you thought they were accurate, then you might have been wrong. Maybe, you were definitely wrong. Take my experience. The Blogger stats showed I got 600 daily visitors and most of them were from USA. But, the real thing was that, i got only 300- 400 visitors and only 14% were from USA. Now, you decide.

Can You Succeed Without Analytics ?

No. A blog will not succeed without knowing the correct amount of traffic they are getting. Nor without knowing the instincts of the visitors. So, go fast , sign up, Get the implementation code and track your visitors and their whereabouts with the help of google analytics. So, If you wanna succeed in your infamous blogging career with a superb blog with awesome content, go get Google analytics

From The Editor's Desk

Share your thought about google analytics in the comment form below. And remember one thing that Google Analytics is important as well as essential for a successful blogger. Till next post, Happy blogging :)


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